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Turkey Visa for US Citizens

Turkey Visa for US Citizens

Have you ever wondered how amazing must the Turkish coffee taste? Or how amazing it would be to experience a fresh tea production in the Black Sea Region of Turkey? You could have all of these sensations and so much more!

Do you know if Americans need a visa for Turkey? US citizens are eligible to apply for an e-Visa to Turkey. Travel to Turkey using an electronic visa permit. You wouldn’t even have to leave your home to handle an e-Visa permit. In a maximum of 72 hours, it will arrive at your e-mail address.

This article will provide you with all the answers you may need before applying online for an e-Visa to Turkey. If you wonder how to get a visa for Turkey from the US, keep on reading.

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What do US citizens need to prepare before applying online?

US citizens don’t need to prepare a lot before applying for a Turkish visa. The most important criteria to meet is that all US citizens that wish to apply need to be passport holders.

Turkish visa system can be quite hectic as each nationality has different requirements to meet and is eligible for different visa type.

US citizens are eligible for a multiple-entry visa that allows a stay as long as 90 days and is valid for 180 days. Moreover, the USA nationals do not have to prepare any additional documents to apply.

Turkish visa requirements for US citizens

What are the essential criteria to meet? Before applying online, please make sure that you have the following:

  • a valid passport (your passport has to be valid for at least 6 months ahead of the intended departure date)
  • an active e-mail address (onto which e-Visa permit is sent)
  • means of online payment
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The application process

With a Turkey visa valid for 180 days, US citizens may enter Turkey for as long as 90 days at a time. Having met the visa requirements for Turkey, you may start the application process. Completing the application should take you less than 15 minutes and can be done from anywhere you want!

It is as straightforward and effortless as it can be. To all passport holders, please follow this visa application process:

  1. Prepare your passport and start filling the online application form. You will need to provide your data, passport details, e-mail address, and travel purpose.
  2. Make the payment. Pay the handling visa fee using any convenient to you method of online payment.
  3. Check your e-mail box for the confirmation number that you will receive immediately after completing the application process. Within the next 72 hours, e-Visa will arrive at your e-mail as well.

turkish visa requirements for us citizens

apply for e-visa

Turkey as a travel destination for US citizens

Having a Turkey visa enables you as a traveller to enter Turkey even for 90 days. How should you plan your journey to visit all of the must-see places in Turkey?

Turkey can be divided into seven regions. Each region is famous for different things. Here are the seven Turkish areas, and what should you see while visiting:

  1. The Marmara Region (with the Marmara Sea, Istanbul city, many historical sites available to visit, remains of the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires, makes this region worth seeing for all the history lovers)
  2. The Black Sea Region (offering beautiful landscapes, endless possibilities for active time-spending, like cycling, mountain climbing, hiking. But also, this region is famous for tea-making, hazelnuts, and of course, the Black Sea)
  3. The Eastern Anatolia Region (mountains, ski-resorts, the highest mountain in Turkey, the Mount Ağrı. This mountain is believed to be the place from which Noah and his descendants extended the humankind!)
  4. The Southeastern Anatolia Region (as every region of Turkey, this one has many ancient sites to visit, you can see the statues of ancient gods available to you on the Mount Nemrut of Adıyaman )
  5. The Mediterranean Region (filled with history, culture, but also some magnificent beaches to relax on. E.g., the Ölüdeniz beach. It is one of the most famous Turkish beaches.
  6. The Aegean Region (located on the west part of Turkey, this region has the longest coastline of them all! Visit the beaches, or try seeing the Denizli city for some cultural and historical enrichment)
  7. The Central Anatolia Region (a must-see city here is, of course, the Ankara city, but also try seeing the small villages in which many of the colourful carpets sold around the country are made)
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Benefits of using our service to get your Turkey visa

To get your multiple-entry visa to enter Turkey, fill out the application form in less than 15 minutes. The average processing time using our services to get your visa permit to Turkey is just 19 hours.

There are many benefits of using our services, which provide e-Visa permits to countries worldwide. We grant the highest-quality visa handling experience out there. If you let the professionalists handle the visa for you, the travelling experience will be stress-free.

Should your application fail to be approved, we grant reimbursement for your visa application. However, 99% of the applications are successfully approved.

A qualified team of experts is available to you throughout the process in case of any issues or questions.

Plan your dream-journey to Turkey and get your e-Visa permit in less than 72 hours without the need to leave your home!



apply for e-visa



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