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Visa to Turkey for Portuguese Citizens

Visa to Turkey for Portuguese Citizens

A trip to Turkey may take 46 hours when driving by car from Portugal. The shortest flight from Portugal to Turkey takes less than 5 hours. Either way, the journey may be a bit exhausting, thus preparing everything you need beforehand is crucial.

Do Portuguese citizens need a visa to enter Turkey? What places should you visit, how should you plan your journey? These and other questions will be answered in this article.


Do Portuguese citizens need a visa for Turkey?

Fortunately, Portuguese citizens may enter Turkey visa-free if they are travelling for 90 days within 180 days. If you want to visit Turkey for tourism or business purposes, you may do it without a visa. All passport holders coming from Portugal are welcome in this diverse country without a visa permit.

The Turkish visa system is a complicated one; however, in this case, a trip to Turkey would be as simple as it can be. Plan your journey carefully and visit all of the must-see places.


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Five interesting facts about Turkey

Everyone knows that Turkey is famous for its’ delicious food, rich history, culture, and many magnificent beaches that you can relax on. However, not many people are familiar with the following facts about Turkey.

  • Forty-six million tourists visit Turkey, which makes it the 6th most visited country in the whole world! No wonder why your 90 days trip may not even be enough to see all of the beautiful places available.

With the Turkish visa system, not everyone is as lucky as people travelling from Portugal; some need to apply for an e-Visa. Fortunately, it is easily obtainable. With its’ vibrant landscapes, waterfalls, mountains, ancient sites, Turkey attracts millions of tourists every year.

  • Mount Agri in Turkey is believed to be Noah’s ark’s resting place after Noah’s flood. Explorers from China and Turkey found wooden compartments that are believed to be roughly 4,800 years old, which is more/less the time of Noah’s flood described in the Bible.
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The parts were buried 4,000 meters above the sea level. Noah and his descendants are believed to extend humankind after ending their journey on Mount Agri in Turkey.

  • Almost 20 beaches in Turkey are the nesting beaches for Caretta Caretta sea turtles. The turtles hatch from their eggs and run towards the sea as fast as they can. That is an incredible example of how unique nature is, all can be seen on Turkish beaches.
  • Göbeklitepe, discovered in 1963, is the oldest humanmade area of worship to gods in the world. This ancient site is even older than Stonehenge. Göbeklitepe is believed to be made 12,000 years ago.

It is still in the process of discovering from the earth by the archeologists. Only 5% of the site is believed to be found; however, 5% is still very imposing. You can also see a replica of this site in a Şanlıurfa Haleplibahçe Museum.

  • Marmaray is an intercontinental line that connects Europe and Asia underneath the Bosphorus strait underground. It is 76 km long and connects the most important commuters centers. Each stop is every 15 minutes. It is located in Istanbul.


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E-Visa to Turkey

For countries that are not eligible for visa-free entry, there is an e-Visa system. E-Visa is easily obtainable. The application process can be completed in less than 15 minutes from home using any working device with an internet connection.

The process comprises filling an online application form, providing your data, passport details, e-mail address, and attaching additional documents if needed. Then, travellers need to make a payment using any method of online payment. Lastly, e-Visa will arrive at your e-mail address.

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The average processing time using our services is just 19 hours! Moreover, 99% of the applications are successfully approved. Ensure that you have a valid passport for at least six months ahead of the planned departure date, and an active e-mail address and start applying!


E-Visa types

There are two main e-Visa types to differentiate between:

  • a multiple-entry visa that allows 90 days total spent in Turkey during the 180-day validity period.
  • a single-entry visa that allows a 30-day stay within 180 days.

Travellers eligibility for a particular visa type differs depending on their nationality. The requirements that need to be met prior to applying may also be different according to your nationality.

Our services provide the highest-quality visa experience out there. Let the professionalists handle your visa permit for you and make your travelling stress-free!


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