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PLF - Passenger Locator Form

Passenger Locator Form to Turkey

As a response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Turkish government decided to implement the obligation to complete the Passenger Locator Form before every trip to Turkey. All passengers should do it within 72 hours in advance of their departure flight. On this website, you can receive your Turkish Public Health Passenger Locator Form, without which your trip may be impossible. So, if you plan a trip to Turkey soon, keep on reading and find out how to get a mandatory Turkish PLF with the minimum effort. You will also learn the other requirements to travel to Turkey these days.

What is PLF/Health Card to Turkey?

PLF or Public Health Passenger Locator Form is a compulsory brief questionnaire that requires providing the standard personal information and details concerning your travel. The form must be filled out by every visitor entering Turkey. It was implemented in March 2021 as a protective measure against the spread of the coronavirus. It simply aims at ensu3ring the safety of international travelers.

PLF also functions as a sort of means of communication. Thanks to the details provided in the PLF, the Turkish authorities can reach all the travelers who may have had contacted a COVID-19 infected person to help them with quarantine issues. Since all passengers are obliged to obtain the entry form, it also applies to the Turkish residents or citizens who enter the country.

The Passenger Locator Form for Turkey cannot be filled out earlier than 3 days before the exact date of the planned trip. Please remember to do it within 72 hours prior to your departure and avoid possible troubles upon entering Turkey.

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How to apply for Passenger Locator Form to Turkey?

To obtain the Passenger Locator Form to Turkey, all travelers need to complete a very quick and straightforward online application with the use of any working Internet-accessed electronic device. Following, there are 3 steps to go through:

  1. Enter required data: Provide basic personal details and necessary information concerning your travel. These details include your name, surname, flight number, passport number, etc.
  2. Pay the fee: Choose one of the available methods of payment and pay 24 EUR.
  3. Refresh email inbox: Your Entry Form, HES, and QR Code will be sent to your email as a PDF file. Download all these documents on your mobile phone. It is also highly recommended to print them out and carry their hard copies.

Important note: Make sure that all the data entered by you is correct. Providing false details may result in legal and administrative sanctions imposed by the Turkish authorities. For example, you may not be allowed to enter Turkey in the future.

Turkey Passenger Locator Form requirements

The requirements to be fulfilled to submit the PLF to Turkey are basic ones. The entry form requires only providing standard travel information, while your valid passport is the only document to be uploaded in the online application.

If you have traveled abroad lately, please also provide the list of countries visited within the last 10 days.

All requirements to enter Turkey

To sum up, following there are all documents needed to enter Turkey during the pandemic times:

  • a valid passport
  • a valid electronic visa to Turkey (applies only to the citizens of the non-visa-free countries)
  • a negative PCR test result for COVID-19 ( not required only for transit passengers and children under 12)
  • a completed PLF to Turkey
  • HES and QR codes (issued upon completing the entry form)
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All the documents mentioned above need to be gathered and shown upon entry to Turkey. Make sure you have them all!

Turkish HES Code information

The HES code standing for Hayat Eve Sığar, meaning Code for Healthy and Safe Travel, is issued once your entry form to Turkey is completed. The code is to be delivered to you via mail. What is essential is that the code is used not only upon entry to Turkey, but also you may need it to explore tourist sites spread all over the country.

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